Sharing my views on different movies is something rather personal since you will be getting an idea of my interests and my likes and dislikes. So here I will just go ahead and share a few things about me, in order to be upfront on my experiences.

To be honest with you I did not study journalism and have no previous experiences in writing blogs. So these pages devoted to movie reviews represent the very first stage of my blogging adventure. Though having little know-how in this field I was always fond of writing stories, comments, reviews and articles. I believe this to be a great way to express my creative side and to develop my writing skills even further. So aside from some few reviews published on IMDB.com there are not many articles to be found on the net, which I wrote.

Writing, obviously being not my source of income leaves an open question about what I actually do for work. At this moment I am working in the sales department of a hotel group. Since creative writing has really no part within my current career, I practise it entirely in my off work hours. This may in some cases leave gaps between the posts, though I will definitely try to develop a posting structure and a clear time table.

Currently I live with my wife and son in Siegburg, Germany (a rather small town located not far from Cologne). Though of a Russian origin (born in St. Petersburg, Russia) I have resided in Germany for quite some time now and really appreciate living and working here. However, being very passionate about travelling and exploring there is a possibility of me and my family ending up in another country in the years to come. We will just see what the future brings!

So these are just a few notes about myself. If you would like to get in touch with me for any reasons whatsoever, feel free to email me or to add me on facebook, Twitter or any other social media website.

Have fun reading my posts and enjoy yourself!

Take care and stay safe,